Pearl Travel and Tours

Pearl Travel & Tours

Pearl Travel & Tours is a service that my pearl manpower agency has provided for over 30 years. We have set high standards for tourism development and are recognized as one of Sri Lanka's premier travel agencies.

Our solutions are supplied on time and effectively, with experience and specialization above and above the standard, making full use of the services and value adds we have inside this entity and our Group, allowing us to present the A to Z of complete travel solutions

Quality We Ensure

We offer excellent service and cover all aspects of your planned tour. Your tour is handled by us.

Experienced Workers

Our knowledgeable staff will handle all of your needs, from aircraft tickets to hotel bookings.


Why people choose pearl travel & tours.

People continue to choose us because of the higher standards we maintain on a daily basis. We provide you with everything you need to make your planned tour a reality.

  • The best customer support
  • Real time inforamtion
  • 100% customer satisfaction
  • Quality service